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Telecommunications that give you more...


Telecommunications that give you more...

Stability and Reliability.

Welcome to Brain Telecoms, the way telecommunications should be!

 We are not the inventors of telecommunication solutions. We design telecommunication solutions relevant to your lifestyle.


The brain, and brain activity, are unique to each individual just as our fingerprints are. The brain is at work every second of the day. It never switches off. The ebb and flow of brain activity creating its own pattern and is unique to every person.

BRAIN Telecoms represents that uniqueness and individuality, and our product offering is ‘different’, uniquely designed with your needs in mind.  Like the brain, we are always on, ready when you need us.

Clarity of thought, communication, self-expression, customer-centricity, and positive, innovative thinking

Who is BRAIN and why should you care?

BRAIN Telecoms stands for clarity of thought, communication, self-expression, customer-centricity, and positive, innovative thinking!  

We are young, dynamic and agile.  We are vibrant and energetic.  Our energy is combined with fun, adventure, optimism, confidence and vitality.  We are not your average telecommunications provider as you will realise when you interact with us, because our primary focus is on enhancing YOUR experience, giving you the focused and personal service you deserve.  If we are not living up to this promise, let us know.  We are keen to exceed!


BRAIN Telecoms is at its core a Voice and Data telecommunications provider with exceptional technical skills offering bespoke B2C and B2B telecommunication solutions.

Our astute technology, combined with the stability and reliability of our platforms, and our partnership with industry-leading Telcos, is representative of our commitment to excellence.  We bring global expertise local by offering robust and customized solutions, utilizing our particular engineering and technical expertise, to meet changeable and diverse communication needs.